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Geotechnical Investigation

National Laboratory operates as an independent company serving Consulting Engineers, Government Departments, Industrial Developers, Oil Companies, etc. Technical staff is employed and where necessary trained locally and in some cases a joint venture is set up with local or international geotechnical consultants. Highly qualified technical staff is available to deal directly with enquiries and to maintain close contacts with clients and their design staff.

From our experience in the construction industry, National Laboratory is able to give advice on the geotechnical aspects of a variety of problems, such as the design of foundations, major excavations and earthworks, road and bridge works, pipelines and foundations for various structures.

In addition, we can design and plan site investigations, prepare specifications and provide site supervision.

From the results of boreholes, field and laboratory tests obtained from site investigations, suitable foundation types can be recommended and safe loading and settlement characteristics estimated.

Our services in the site investigation and drilling field include:

•On-shore drilling for site investigation for roads and bridges, housing structures, multi-storey buildings and towers and petrochemical complexes and refineries.
•Near- shore drilling for site investigation for marine structures.
•Geological exploration.
•SPT Testing and Sampling.
Rock Coring and Sampling
•Dutch Cone Testing.
•Pressuremeter Testing.
• Packer testing.
•Geophysical Testing.
• Ground Water Sampling.
• Ground Water Level Measurements.
• Ground Water Sampling
• Installation of uPVC Standpipe Piezometer
In-situ permeability test,
In-situ percolation test
In-situ density test,
•Plate Load Testing.
•Field CBR Testing.
Drilling of Open hole for Earthing and Cathodic Protection

With our experienced and competent technical and administrative staff, National Laboratory has established and will maintain its reputation as one of the leading site investigation organisations.


The following drilling and testing equipment is currently available for site investigation works within Dubai Branch.


4No. Pilcon Wayfarer Rigs (two with pendent attachments for rotary drilling)


2 No. Simco 2800 top drive hydraulic trailer mounted units
(One with wire line winch)
2 No. Pilcon T30 top drive hydraulic trailer mounted units


6" casing
4" casing
7no. Automatic Trip Hammer
2no. Sliding Hammer
AW SPT rods
NW drilling rods
1.5m HWF double tube core barrels
3m HWF double tube core barrels
3m PWF double tube core barrel
3m HQ core barrel
100m HQ drilling rods
4" hollow stem auger
3" solid stem auger
1no. Grouting Machine
6 no water tanks with various volumes


Our laboratory offer facility for soil testing including:

Liquid and Plastic Limits
Specific Gravity
Sieve Analysis
Sedimentation Analysis
Maximum and Minimum Densities
California Bearing Ratio
Shear Box
Moisture Content
Dry unit weight

Chemical Analysis including tests for pH, Sulphate, Chlorides, Carbonates and Organic matter

Rock testing facilities include determination of:

Specific Gravity
Point Load Index
Unconfined Compressive Strength
Young’s Modulus